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Family Law

Family law is the area of law that concerns the parent-child relationship and the formation and dissolution of a marriage. Common issues that a family lawyer deals with involving the parent-child relationship include child custody, child support, child visitation and adoption. Common issues that a family lawyer deals with concerning marriage include prenuptial agreements, separation and divorce.

State laws differ with respect to all of the above issues. We have provided links for you to learn about the family laws of some of the larger states. These not only explain the state law, but also provide links to relevant state statutes and links to child support guidelines.

Types of Family Lawyers

Family lawyers handle many issues that relate to the parent-child and marriage relationships. The following link can help you understand relevant family law terms. The links below provide information about some of the more common family law issues, as well as information about what to consider when hiring that particular type of family attorney.

Adoption Attorney

Child Custody Attorney

Divorce Attorney

Paternity Attorney

Alimony Attorney

Child Support Attorney

Guardianship Attorney

Separation attorney

Annulment Attorney

Child Visitation Attorney

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Finding your Family Lawyer

To find the right family lawyer for you, it is most important to use a method that makes sense. Two often-used methods make very little sense.

The first is the traditional advertising/listing service model. The lawyers with the biggest ads are also often the same lawyers who get made fun of by quality lawyers, typically behind their backs. Quality lawyers know that the lawyers with the biggest ads are not usually those they would recommend to a friend. However, their perception of proper professional conduct does not allow them to publically criticize that lawyer.

If you were to cross reference a list of disciplined lawyers from a given state to a list of attorneys in the large lawyer listing services, like, you would see that many of the lawyers have had license problems. Some lawyers are even suspended from practicing law or not licensed at all!

The second method that makes little sense is the client (non-lawyer) referral. A client may well be happy with a particular lawyer, but usually does not have the context or knowledge to know if the lawyer did a quality job for them. It is not a bad thing that a lawyer has a happy client; it's just not particularly insightful.

The method that we think makes sense, and which we employ, is to have an experienced lawyer do the following:

  • 1. Make sure that the lawyer spends a significant part of their time practicing as a family lawyer;
  • 2. Make sure that the lawyer has a license to practice law in the appropriate state;
  • 3. Make sure that the lawyer has no public record of discipline;
  • 4. Contact three of that lawyer's previous clients who indicate that they have had a favorable experience; and
  • 5. Contact three other local lawyers who are familiar with that family lawyer's practice in the area of family law who would and do recommend them to others with family law issues.

You can use the links below to check out a specific family lawyer who are already thinking about using. You can also use the links to check out any other lawyer in that state. Alternatively, feel free to use to learn more about using a family lawyer who we have already checked out.